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Hisardut - Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu

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Hisardut (it’s full title being Dennis Hisardut – in recognition of its creator and founder Dr Dennis Hanover) is a martial arts system that has drawn from the best of the martial arts to create a modern and effective approach to self-defense and martial arts training. Developed in Israel it was/is designed to meet the survival needs of both civilians and military personnel.

Hisardut is more than just a system of punches, kicks, blocks and martial arts movements etc. It encompasses a way of thinking and an attitude for daily living. The word Hisardut in Hebrew simply means survival and that idea/concept is at the heart of our system. Nobody ever wins a street-fight or real life violent encounter, they survive it – it is something that should be preferably avoided, and if this is not possible, then dealt with and then afterwards moved on from. This is not to underestimate the significance of having to deal with violence but to put it in its proper context. Our system places violence in its proper context, without glorifying it and teaches the mindset and attitude that allows you to deal with any obstruction and obstacle in your life and move on, so you can realize your full potential.

It is this message which makes us distinct from so many other martial arts and self-defense systems; that we educate people on appropriate ways to think, make decisions and how to really value life. It is this “attitude” and mindset which will allow you and give you the power to handle all challenges in your life; not just those involving aggression and physical violence. Our message is one of respect:

Our system has been recognized by the Israeli Government both as a fighting/self-defense system and one that carries educational merit (it is taught in many school systems as well as in the Israeli Military – mainly to special and elite units, such as the Mossad, Sayeret Matkal etc). Becoming an instructor in the system is not simply a process of taking a course, or attending some seminars. Instead our system takes the path of developing individuals over time and educating them on how to teach as well as developing them as martial artists - at present there are only two instructors in the U.S., one in Las Vegas, and the other in the Los Angeles area.

If you are looking for a system of self-defense, Hisardut will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you are looking to develop yourself as an individual and improve the quality of your life Hisardut will meet your needs fully and exceed your expectations. Please contact us to set up a free trial class - you can either call us on 702-530-3755 or just fill out the short form on your screen.

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