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Dennis Hisardut Las Vegas brings traditional martial arts to modern life - learn how to face every-day threats and situations. Classes in a safe family environment for the entire family. We start working with kids, as young as 4 years old, and don't quit until they do (our oldest student is over 70.)

Welcome to the Center for Israeli Martial Arts in Las Vegas, teaching the Hisardut (meaning “Survival” in Hebrew) system of Dr. Dennis Hanover. We are the most authentic Israeli martial arts school in Southern Nevada, featuring classes in all major aspects of Israeli self defense and martial arts. We offer classes for adults, children, women, families, security teams and Law Enforcement Officials.

Long before the current MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) trend of combining martial arts styles started in the US, Dr. Dennis Hanover was fusing, Karate, Judo and Ju-Jitsu (sometimes spelled Jiu-Jitsu) together to create a unique self-defense/fighting style that could be taught to both civilians and Israeli military personnel – the system is now taught to elite units in the Israeli army, as well as the Mossad. This unique and effective system is now offered in Henderson, Las Vegas by Tomer Steinberg, 5th Degree Black Belt, and 2011 World Champion – the highest ranked instructor of the system in the U.S.

One of the things that distinguish Dennis-Hisardut from other “modern” self-defense systems is that it continues to teach the traditional message and values of the martial arts, such as: respect, integrity and honor, believing that it is these values which underpin and power the skills and techniques that the system teaches. This is why the style adds value to everybody’s day-to-day life as well as developing the survival mindset that is so crucial when dealing with a real-life assault or violent incident.

The Center for Israeli Martial Arts in Henderson is one of two US branches of Dennis Hisardut (Often referred to as Dennis Survival JuJitsu), teaching students of all ages and experience levels how to protect and stand up for themselves in any situation (as featured on the History Channel's "Human Weapon" Krav Maga episode).

We offer a warm welcome to all who come and train with us and practice our message of respect both on and off the mats. If you would like to come and take a free class to see how Hisardut training can affect your life please call us at 702-530-3755, or email us using the contact form by clicking here.

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Our adult martial arts program is for men, women, and teens. We are a belted system and everything we teach is appropriate for the particular level you are at e.g. a white belt/beginner will not be taught an advanced technique that they are unable to perform. Our goal is to help you always be successful in your practice. We are about developing you as an individual, rather than simply giving you techniques to learn and tick-off. The system we teach is designed to allow you to find the areas in which you naturally excel e.g. some people are natural strikers (punching and kicking) others are more comfortable throwing and grappling etc. Our aim is to help you discover and develop your natural potential rather than simply fit you into a convenient box that we’ve designed.

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All our teaching is age appropriate i.e. what we teach and how we teach a 6 year old is very different to how we teach a twelve year old. What all our children’s martial arts programs have in common though is the aim of developing your child’s character. We view ourselves not just as a gym or stereo-typical martial arts studio but as an educational facility that your child associates with fun. By creating an environment which is fun and enjoyable to be in and teaching physical skills and techniques that your child can believe in we can also communicate a message of respect: for themselves and for others.

Tomer Steinberg, Instructor, Israeli martial artsTomer Steinberg has been training in martial arts since the mid 1970’s as a young kid in Israel. He studied under the tutelage of 10th Dan, Kaicho, Dennis Hanover, and 9th Dan, GrandMaster, Tzadok Shmoeli. Tomer has a black belt in Judo, a 3rd degree black belt in Kyokushin Karate, a 4th degree black belt by the European Ju-Jitsu Union (EJJU), and a 5th degree black belt in Dennis Survival Ju-Jitsu.

Putting his skills to the test, Tomer competed in the Open Israeli Full Contact Ju-Jitsu/Hisardut National Championships and won the title 7 times, most recently in December 2011.

Tomer brings over 30 years of martial arts experience. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife Leigh, and 2 daughters, Yahm and Gaia. Tomer is currently the highest ranking Dennis-Hisardut instructor in the US, and is the head instructor of the Center for Israeli Martial Arts, DSJJ in Las Vegas.

Israeli Martial Arts, HisardutHisardut (it’s full title being Dennis Hisardut – in recognition of its creator and founder Dr Dennis Hanover) is a martial arts system that has drawn from the best of the martial arts to create a modern and effective approach to self-defense and martial arts training. Developed in Israel it was/is designed to meet the survival needs of both civilians and military personnel.

Hisardut is more than just a system of punches, kicks, blocks and martial arts movements etc. It encompasses a way of thinking and an attitude for daily living. The word Hisardut in Hebrew simply means survival and that idea/concept is at the heart of our system. Nobody ever wins a street-fight or real life violent encounter, they survive it – it is something that should be preferably avoided, and if this is not possible, then dealt with and then afterwards moved on from.







Private Lessons


Private Lessons



Wellness Mornings

Wellness Mornings




4:15 pm

Kids ages 4-6  Hisardut

Kids ages 4-6  Hisardut

5:00 pm

Kids Hisardut

Kids Hisardut

Kids Hisardut

Kids Hisardut

6:00 pm

Teen Hisardut

Teen Hisardut

Teen Hisardut

Teen Hisardut

7:00 pm


Adult Hisardut


Advanced Hisardut

7715 Wishing Well Rd.  
Las Vegas, NV 89123

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(702) 530-3755  

Mon-Thu: 4:00 pm-8:00 pm  

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