All our teaching is age appropriate i.e. what we teach and how we teach a 6 year old is very different to how we teach a twelve year old. What all our children’s martial arts programs have in common though is the aim of developing your child’s character. We view ourselves not just as a gym or stereo-typical martial arts studio but as an educational facility that your child associates with fun. By creating an environment which is fun and enjoyable to be in and teaching physical skills and techniques that your child can believe in we can also communicate a message of respect: for themselves and for others.

The traditional martial arts approach of developing a relationship between instructor and student (often referred to as “scared space”) in a mentoring fashion means that our school can reinforce the positive message(s) that your child receives both at home and at school. We don’t just want to see your child improve on the mats and in their physical abilities but in all aspects and areas of their life. In a world of the “Gamebox” and “Playstation” we can help bring a level of normality and reality into a child’s life.

By getting young children and teens into a habit of engaging in physical activity at an early age they are likely to carry on and continue this practice into their adult years. Introducing this type of discipline into their lives now will pay dividends later. We believe fully in the benefits of martial arts training and practice what we preach: both our young daughters train in Hisardut and we see the positive influence it has on their lives.

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kids martial arts, kids grappling, kids ju-jitsu

kids martial arts, judo, kids grapplingkids martial arts, karate, mma