"Since our 8-year-old daughter began training with Tomer, she has improved greatly in her focus, discipline, and her confidence has soared. She is so proud of her accomplishments with her martial arts training and we are so proud of her. Tomer is an excellent instructor who knows how to teach children this complex fighting technique and make it all fun at the same time. Enrolling our daughter in the Steinberg's program has been one of the best things we could have done for her. Thank you Leigh and Tomer for giving us this gift!."

Bobby Vick

"I had been looking out for a mixed martial arts place for quite a while. A friend had recommended Martial Arts Hisardut Las Vegas. I checked it out and was so glad to find it. They really know what they are doing, and they are great with kids! It’s really awesome ... my three kids are so excited about participating, even my little 5 year old who never wanted to take-part in any other extra curricular activity before, she now loves it! Head coach Tomer Steinberg is amazing. Check it out to believe it!"

Diana M. Larson

"Sensei Tomer has provided me with the peace of mind and spirit through rigorous training and discipline. At 39 years of age, I have never been in a better physical or mental condition. As a result of a very busy professional life, I look forward to class as a positive outlet to relieve stress and condition at the same time."

Greg Jarmolowich

"I chose the Center for Israeli Martial Arts because it offers a wide variety of different martial arts techniques, not just the regular karate classes or all ground fighting. Very professional instruction with a friendly atmosphere."

Joe Haas

"excellent school my kids love it."

Ruth Shir Rosenblum

"Rone loves this place. Karate and judo with an Israeli flair. Try it!."

Howard Pearlman