Adult Martial ArtsARDUT FOR ADULTS

Our adult program is for men and women aged over 18. We are a belted system and everything we teach is appropriate for the particular level you are at e.g. a white belt/beginner will not be taught an advanced technique that they are unable to perform. Our goal is always to have you succeed and be successful in your practice. We are about developing you as an individual, rather than simply giving you techniques to learn and tick-off. The system we teach is designed to allow you to find the areas in which you naturally excel e.g. some people are natural strikers (punching and kicking) others are more comfortable throwing and grappling etc. Our aim is to help you discover and develop your natural potential rather than simply fit you into a convenient box that we’ve designed.

We will develop your physical skills (balance, co-ordination etc) and teach you how to move, block, punch, kick, throw and fall etc effectively. We will explain the dynamics of real-life violence and demonstrate the skills and techniques you learn on the mats into this context. You will also learn how to deal with assailants armed with knives, sticks and guns etc.

Whatever your current fitness level or physical ability we believe we can help you as an individual realize your goals and live your life to your full potential. Our training is not simply about punching and kicking but about helping you get in touch with the essence of who you really are. We develop skills for life, not just for the mats or for the fight.

We offer a wide variety of programs for adults, utilizing modern techniques and elements of Israeli Reality Based Martial Arts and Self Defense which include:


  • Self Defense "Hand to Hand Combat"
  • Self Defense against Knifes
  • Self Defense against Fire Arms
  • Self Defense against Sticks
  • Sparring/Fighting
  • Conditioning
  • Cardio Training
  • 360 Training
  • Fitness
  • Strength Training


  • Stand Up
  • Ground Work
  • Fighting


  • Stand Up
  • Bag Training
  • Sparring/Fighting


  • Take Down Training
  • Rolls and Falls
  • Ground Work

Please call us at 702-530-3755 to book a free class.